Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Future -Statistics Revealed

DID YOU KNOW 3.0? Meeting in Rome 2008 By Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod & Jeff Brenman

(Click on above link to view YouTube video.)

This is an awesome video that I wanted to share. "We Are Living In Exponential Times!"

There are statistical comparisons of the United States and China populations in relation to each other.

Also, how we as Americans are failing our youth as compared to India.

The likely changes that will take place in the future based on trends that the world is currently using is also displayed.

The amount of information that we use our computers and the Internet for is astounding as compared to BG. (Before Google)

And More... It really makes you think!


Here is another one. It is very similar to the first and is also by Karl Fisch. It does not have the graphics that the above link has so it isn't quite as attractive. A lot of Knowledge!

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